May 20th, 21st, 22nd 2022 Niagara University

The College Commitment Showcase will operate in a two period format. Each period will be twenty five minute stop time clock.

Two goalies per team. Each goalie will play one period per game.

Nine forwards and six defensemen per team.

No fighting allowed. There is no fighting in college hockey.

Five games guaranteed.

Jerseys and socks provided.

All players are responsible for providing full player resume’s, printed for distribution to coaches attending. You will be notified of approximate number of printed materials to bring two weeks prior to the Showcase.

We will create the environment in which you will be able to interact with all coaches attending directly. Coaches will have access to the benches and dressing rooms to interact with players throughout the showcase.

Coaches will have the opportunity to meet with groups or individual players as their schedule allows.

All players and spectators will be required to follow any COVID, or Niagara University health guidelines that may be in place at the time.